A Non-profit website trying to create a platform for people to share their efforts, as small they might be, to improve our world. There are dozens of small steps anyone can take. Helping someone who needs a hand, donating money to charity, reduce your own personal consumption/emission... People should not feel like they are alone. We all want to save this world and maybe this website can reassure us that there are like-minded people all over this planet, giving us more energy and hope that we will not go down in history as a generation that did nothing.

Why is there no login area?

This is part of our concept. We want to create a newer, simpler internet. We do not advertise, we do not have investors. We do not need "users" and their private data (well, except your home country), however we need people that want to improve the world. A small step at a time. Most people certainly do not need another login data set to remember as well. If you want to enter a pledge and be able to edit it later or prove authorship, simply write down its private code. Otherwise, simply enter the pledge data and you are ready to go.

Why is this site not working correctly for me?

We are in a fun time when it comes to web programming. There is so much hope on the horizon with so many new standards (which maybe will be real standards) coming up. Unfortunately, not all browsers support our page completely. It was tested with dozens of different combinations of desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices and a multitude of different browsers. If you are experiencing problems, we advice you to try a different, up-to-date browser. This is especially true for the picture upload.

What developments are you working on to improve this site?

We have several interesting ideas on our minds, but for the moment, we think that the site is already complex enough. Possible later modules include a small news portal for earth-improving related matters, the possibility to create a group pledge (e.g. "I pledge to donate $ 50 to charity XYZ if 100 people pledge to do the same").

How do you make money?

We do not use advertisements, we have no business affiliates. Income from commercially motivated pledges is used to cover expenses. Any profits will go to various charities!

Why is there no version in my language?

Translating the site itself in different languages would be no problem at all. However, we want to keep it simple and ask everybody to use english in their pledge descriptions as well. As of now, it is the closest thing to a "world language", and we would like everybody to read and comprehend information given by others.

Why was my pledge edited?

This can be for various reasons. As laid out in the "Terms of Use" section, the pledge might contain some element deemed inappropriate. Most likely though, you used the quick mode and we completed some of the pledge values based on your description. Furthermore, we try to correct obvious typos, apparent mistakes, prevent privacy issues and increase usability as much as possible.

Terms of Use

All pledges, images and descriptions are subject to user entered data. The owner of this site is not responsible for any of this data, including but not limited to pictures and links to external websites. Commercially motivated pledges are subject to special restrictions. Companies which want to pledge on earthutopia.net, please contact us at contact@earthutopia.net for an individual processing of your pledge! Commercial pledges without prior notice will be deleted! The site owner has the right to edit or delete pledges, images and all user-entered data in general without prior notice.

We are not responsible for tangible, virtual and psychological damages incurred due to the use of this site.