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Recent Pledges List

To the left, you will see all recent pledges. You can sort them and see more details when you click on them. In the details section, you can view the description, some images and you can rate the pledge if you think it is well documented and is a small nice step towards a better world!

Enter New Pledge

If you want to help too, you can click on New Pledge on the top right. When you use the "Quick Mode", you simply enter a description, add picture(s) and your homecountry. If you want, you can use the "Full Mode" and give us more details. Here, you can choose to reduce your personal consumption levels, donate something or provide unpaid work. Depending on the action, you should enter the number of persons included in the pledge, and/or the timespan during which you improve the world a little. Please add a nice description that shows in detail want you want to do, your homecountry and upload a picture to prove your pledge. This can be a picture of a vegetarian meal, your new solar heating or your donation money order. Always keep in mind to pixelize sensitive data, like (but not limited to) faces, bank account information and other personal data. You are responsible for your privacy!

Always remember the private code of the shape "X1Y2-ZZZ3" that is given in the form. It can be used to edit the pledge later on. When in "Full Mode", always try to calculate total values. For example, if you work voluntarily three times a week for a few hours, just multiply the estimated number of weeks you will work with the average number of hours per week. So, 14 weeks with an average of four hours, just write 56 hours as the value.

Estimate "Value"-Field

For the personal consumption/reduction values, it might not be easy to even estimate them. Please refer to the links in the "Resources" section in the purple box and read a quick guide how to get the values. When in doubt, simply use the "Quick Mode" when entering a new pledge!

Edit Pledge

If you want to edit a pledge later on, simply enter the private code, like "X1Y2-ZZZ3" in the box in the bottom right corner of the site. Afterwards, you can click on the top right corner and edit the values you want to change. You can also add other pictures later.


The purple box to the lower right shows a random fact about our planet. Some are bad, some are reason for hope. You can load another fact when you click on the "Random Fact" title. The "pledge of the week" will also be presented there as well as statistics on total pledge values and other summaries.

Share Pledges

If you want to share a pledge (your own or someone else's) on social networks, you can simply click on it to open the details section and use the share bar on top.