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LINK236 wk agoDonatingAnimal & Animal Rights240 €1 time(s)1
LINK236 wk agoDonatingEnvironment Protection60 €1 time(s)1-
LINK236 wk agoReducingMeat Consumption50 %1 yr.1-
LINK236 wk agoReducingMeat Consumption0 -1 time(s)1
LINK236 wk agoDonatingEnvironment Protection20 €1 time(s)1
LINK236 wk agoDonatingHealth & Medical Research0 -1 time(s)1
LINK236 wk agoReducingMeat Consumption0 -1 time(s)1-
LINK236 wk agoDonatingEnvironment Protection30 €1 time(s)1-
LINK236 wk agoReducingCO2 Emission4 %1 yr.1-
LINK236 wk agoReducingHumanitarian0 -1 time(s)1-
LINK236 wk agoDonating3rd World Development1110 €1 time(s)1-
LINK236 wk agoUnpaid WorkLocal & Neighborhood100 h1 time(s)1-
LINK236 wk agoReducingEnergy Consumption0 -1 time(s)1-
LINK236 wk agoDonatingPeace & Human Rights45 €1 time(s)1-
LINK235 wk agoReducingCO2 Emission0 -1 time(s)1
LINK235 wk agoDonatingDisaster Relief0 -1 time(s)1-
LINK235 wk agoDonatingChildren Charity360 €1 time(s)1-
LINK235 wk agoUnpaid WorkHumanitarian0 -1 time(s)1-
LINK235 wk agoDonatingLocal & Neighborhood0 -1 time(s)1
LINK235 wk agoReducingMeat Consumption20 %1 yr.4-
LINK235 wk agoDonatingAnimal & Animal Rights0 -1 time(s)1-
LINK235 wk agoDonatingEnvironment Protection0 -1 time(s)1-
LINK235 wk agoDonatingLocal & Neighborhood0 -1 time(s)1-
LINK235 wk agoReducingEnergy Consumption100 -1 day(s)1-
LINK235 wk agoUnpaid WorkHumanitarian20 h1 time(s)1-
LINK233 wk agoReducingEnergy Consumption0 -1 time(s)1
LINK232 wk agoReducingMeat Consumption0 -1 time(s)1
LINK231 wk agoReducingCO2 Emission0 -1 time(s)1-
LINK230 wk agoReducingEnergy Consumption30 %1 time(s)2-
LINK226 wk agoReducingMeat Consumption0 -1 time(s)1-
LINK225 wk agoReducingCO2 Emission0 -1 time(s)1-
LINK222 wk agoReducingCO2 Emission0 -1 time(s)1
LINK221 wk agoDonating3rd World Development40 €1 time(s)1
LINK221 wk agoUnpaid WorkLocal & Neighborhood50 h1 time(s)1-
LINK221 wk agoReducingMeat Consumption100 %1 time(s)1-
LINK217 wk agoDonating3rd World Development410 €1 time(s)1-
LINK209 wk agoDonating3rd World Development60 €1 time(s)1-
LINK195 wk agoDonatingEnvironment Protection90 €1 time(s)1-
LINK190 wk agoDonatingEnvironment Protection70 €1 time(s)1-
LINK190 wk agoReducingCO2 Emission50 %1 yr.1-
LINK190 wk agoUnpaid WorkLocal & Neighborhood200 h1 time(s)1-
LINK190 wk agoDonatingHumanitarian100 €1 time(s)1-
LINK179 wk agoReducingMeat Consumption100 %1 time(s)1-
LINK90 wk agoDonatingAnimal & Animal Rights0 h1 time(s)1-
LINK90 wk agoDonatingChildren Charity0 €1 time(s)1-
LINK88 wk agoDonatingHealth & Medical Research0 €1 time(s)1-
LINK85 wk agoUnpaid WorkHealth & Medical Research0 €1 time(s)1-
LINK84 wk agoUnpaid WorkAnimal & Animal Rights0 h1 time(s)1-
LINK83 wk agoDonatingAnimal & Animal Rights0 €1 time(s)1-
LINK74 wk agoUnpaid WorkChildren Charity0 €1 time(s)1-
LINK40 wk agoDonatingCO2 Emission0 %1 mo.1-
LINK20 wk agoDonatingEnergy Consumption0 €1 mo.1-
LINK14 wk agoReducingAnimal & Animal Rights0 €1 wk.1-
LINK12 wk agoUnpaid WorkChildren Charity0 h1 wk.1-
LINK6 wk agoReducingMeat Consumption0 %1 day(s)1-
LINK4 wk agoReducingCO2 Emission0 %1 mo.1-

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US-Americans, including corporations and individuals, donate annually around $300 billion dollars to charity.

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